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Building a better Tomorrow




I was born here, grew up here, Hong Kong, and the Tenderloin; grew up with a broken family and a disadvantaged life. Early on I turned to Crime, then to the Military, went through hardship after hardship until I started doing better for myself. But I cannot claim I did it alone, throughout my life I returned to my home neighborhood, Chinatown, San Francisco, and here I always found love, family, support, but not from people that could afford it. No I was uplifted by the poorest people in the city, addicts, criminals, immigrants, homeless, elderly, disabled, everyone that could barely afford a meal every night. My best friends have always been elderly immigrants from Hong Kong or Vietnam or anywhere else, and I have appreciation for compassion shown to me. Weve been working as a nonprofit association since May of 2019 and have expanded all our programs, our three biggest were the inclusion of UPC and SFPC and the Love Pay it Forward groups into our auspices. UPC is our main branch with community assistance in the community, assisting with the cleaning of graphite and blights on local businesses. SFPC is our direct outreach group, started to help keep the streets of the neighborhood safe with patrols of members, they’ve since been integral in the installation of security systems around town, our main revenue source. Love Pay it Forward is the assistance networking group, run by Ms. Vi Thai, it is how DDCS reaches beyond chinatown to bring help to any family any where in need. When the COVID-19 epidemic started, and I saw these same people sheltered in their homes, terrified to go outside, unable to get help with their medical needs, groceries, public benefits, social services that other people are PAID to deliver, and I saw that none of that help was available; I became compassionate as they had been towards me; I saw they news every night about hate crimes and violence against elderly and defenseless people, it broke my heart, and so I took action. I started bringing groceries and medicine to sheltered residents, then started helping with accessing benefits to things like food stamps, welfare and eventually unemployment, I started Dak Dao because more can be done, more can be done and I can’t do it alone, and now WE can make a better tomorrow. 
-Cam Jong
Program Director, Founder
Dak Dao Community Services

The greatest evil perpetrated in the whole world, is when evil is perpetrated and good men do nothing...


Everyone needs help, the trick is to get them to ask for it...

Emergency Services

Emergency Food, Rent Emergencies, Domestic Emergencies, Lost Pets, ect....

Homeless Services

Advocacy, Shelters, Food, Clothing, Communication Services, Case Management, and all the rest...

Elderly Assistance

Home Assistance, Transportation, Grocery and Household Help, Advocacy, old people are people too...


Our revenue source, the installation of security systems for home and businesse helps keep all of us safe.

Clean Ups

Although we do like to help clean the neighborhood up, and you may see us doing it anyways, it helps when it keeps a roof over our heads, we offer perfessional and low cost maintenance work for homes or offices, this helps us compensate our salary staff and pay out own bills too

And anything else...

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